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Fearless Leader defends free expression in USA!

December 19, 2014

Kim John-un is the tyrannical ruler of North Korea. The USA recognizes his brutality and his ambition to be a nuclear super power. Our president has done nothing over 6 years to impede or derail the military growth in North Korea.

Sony approved a comedy film to mock the young dictator Kim in a fantastic plot of USA secret plot to kill him. Our president ignored the premise of the plot. Everyone knows he favors drones to kill any problem he wants to solve. Anyway, our heroic commander in chief did not approve of cowardice of Sony to whimper and hide from Kim. Canceling distribution of a movie that targeted to offend and humiliate Kim was criticized by Obama.

So our president is a champion of free expression, and too bad if it offends terrorists? It seems so long ago, but President Obama was critical of a movie mocking Muslim Jihad. Obama was convinced the deaths in Benghazi on 9/11/2011 was result of a movie nobody has seen. AG Holder did find a reason to jail the producer of this movie. You can’t see the movie, and you don’t see anything of this imprisoned producer.

So Sony should know that you might wind up in prison and targeted by the attorney general if Obama finds your film offensive. However, Sony needs to stand up to North Korea alone, even if Obama has not stood up to North Korea.

This is a job for POLICE SQUAD and detective Drebbin!

Ayatollah unveiled with turban removed reveals a punk rocker in THE NAKED GUN!

Ayatollah unveiled with turban removed reveals a punk rocker in THE NAKED GUN!

George Clooney took a mature and measured public sign that Hollywood refuses to be cowards and hide from threats of North Korea. Only problem, is that Clooney is the only one willing to sign a public declaration defying Kim! Where are the heroic folks of Hollywood? George sees he is on his own! Proud of George to publicly stand up to tyranny.

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