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War path of Elizabeth Warren

December 14, 2014

“How!” Senator Elizabeth Warren is wandering through the fond memories of happy warriors that are now in their Happy Hunting Grounds. There are not any scalps hanging from her teepee. She has not been on a real war path. Her war paint is for video and photo opportunities.

She must have heard the tales around the camp fire of Indian nations donating wampum for weeping Slick Willy Clinton when he was our great white father in the White House. He accepted donations the native nations could not afford to donate. The only chance for native Americans was to buy some freedom by “donations” to loosen our government’s noose around their necks. Elizabeth is an Indian princess with claimed ancestry to the native blood of North America. Slick Willy would bite his lip and tears welled up as it suited him. He had no shame in selling federal favors for wampum.

The list of problems that Senator Warren has cataloged on her web page are long and familiar. These are the favorite targets of “Reform Candidates” since before Huey Long was buried. Just like the poor, these reform platforms will always be with us. You don’t get a buffalo hide for warmth or some venison for food without actually hunting! You have to pull the trigger. You cannot talk a buffalo or a deer to death. We have not seen a single scalp taken yet from the enemies of reform she keeps yakking about.

Not many senators do much more than talk. Senator Durbin and former Senator Feingold have done nothing but talk. They have accomplished nothing. (Unless you count the worthless campaign finance reform bill known as McCain-Feingold. Since that has been passed, donation mounds of money have grown huge, and endless advertising plus phone calls.)

We look forward to seeing the war path of Indian princess Warren.

Reform warrior Warren talks a lot but no scalps.

Reform warrior Warren talks a lot but no scalps.

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