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Elizabeth Warren is Captain Ahab!

December 12, 2014

Senator Elizabeth Warren took a cue from Senator Ted Cruz and asked the Democrats still left in office for Senate and House to be killed in act of vengeance. Just like Captain Ahab tormented and chasing Moby Dick the great white whale, our Indian princess demands revenge and death for her ship mates. The 1st budget to actually be voted and passed in 6 years offends her sensitive sense of smell. “I smite thee, cursed whale!”

She has publicly claimed the mantle of protector of orphans, widows, retired people, and every voting block that evokes tears of sympathy! This wealthy 1% defender of the down trodden has her money in great mounds of cash. She has declared open season on taking shots at the same targets Democrats have blasted for the last 5 decades! She connects with the poorest and most at risk in her Huey Long rhetoric. Share the Wealth What has she ever actually done?

Her heritage of being an Indian princess was her inspired creation, even if deceptive. Her speeches have accomplished and helped none of her suffering impoverished dependent people. Now she demands that all harpoon the budget to bring down Moby Dick. Democrats saw how well Ted Cruz did on last year’s government shut down. Nobody is rowing full speed ahead to be crushed by Moby Dick, and they know the Indian princess has never killed a whale like the budget.

Gregory Peck

She loves to talk.  Nothing done yet.

She loves to talk. Nothing done yet.

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