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Fab 14 saga to become Hollywood epic!

December 10, 2014

This chapter of history in 2011 for POLITICAL COURAGE must not be forgotten. Democrat Senators from Wisconsin went into exile to shut down Madison Wisconsin.

Hoboduke Nonsense

The average citizen in the USA does not know the names of the 14 Wisconsin state senators that fled and run from the state capital.  This is about to change with a Hollywood epic by Michael Moore.  He has dramatic film on the dangers, heartaches, and endless television interviews pleading their case.

From the tearful farewells to their families, to their exile in Illinois it is all documented.  The wives of the senators poured their hearts out at the local tavern every night.  The senators had to endure Chicago pizza, Chicago hot dogs, Chicago italian beef sandwiches, and (poor souls) Chicago beer! 

To be sure that the citizens of Wisconsin were aware that they were missing, they held endless radio, television interviews.  They demanded concession from the governor.  No suggestions on the concessions, but pleaded to return to the Wisconsin ways, while preaching from Illinois.

In honor and recognition of…

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