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Sorority held me captive

December 9, 2014

Rolling Stone didn’t want to talk to me about my being held captive by a sorority at Bumbershoot University in Mussel Shoals Alabama in 1969. Since I seldom went to any of my classes and never studied, nobody noticed that I was being held captive for 4 days before Spring break.

They lured me with free pizza and beer to share my research on I am the walrus. I became suspicious when there was no pizza and no beer! Panty raids by their house usually got dirty laundry as the prize. “I am the walrus, goo, goo, g’joob!” See the tricky part is playing the track backwards to hear the secret stuff! It sounds like “Paul, I’m dying!” That is heavy stuff!

My buddy Jim had a great line that I tried. “Hey, lets lay around naked like puppies!” He did not get much response with it, but you never know.

One of the girls kept playing her guitar singing Both Sides Now. I didn’t think I could take it any more. They were arguing over hair styles and make up most of the time.

Finally, I figured out how to make my escape. I lit up a cigar and started breaking wind. It was crude but effective because that cleared out the house! They were all screaming “Get out of here!”

They mystery behind what the hell John Lennon was thinking will never be known. Why the hell the sorority held me captive remains a mystery as well.

We will never know what the song was about!

We will never know what the song was about!

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