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We have 18 trillion line of credit!

December 3, 2014

Today is a very special day! USA can be proud that we have 18 trillion dollars in credit owed? Wait! We know that in 2015 our fearless leader will get us to 19 trillion dollars in debt!

My sons, and their children, and their grandchildren, and their great grand children will be paying the interest charge without reducing the debt. In 6 years our president has found it essential to add 8 trillion dollars of this debt. This is not enough debt! We have to feel guilty on overlooking more money for every government program. We can take pride that we are cutting staffing and cutting budget in our defense department!

Maybe the election results for 2014 are evidence that we are not “stupid voters”? Maybe the USA tax payers do not want to give a blank check for stupid spending to our president? Everyone of us can point to a government program essential to our life?

Hey, it's only your money we are spending!

Hey, it’s only your money we are spending!

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