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May the odds ever be in your favor!

November 28, 2014

We have endured a long hard time of sacrifice and loss of hope. The emotional connection with The Hunger Games is to see the wealthy elite self indulgence in The Capitol who enjoy the annual carnage and gore of the annual competition from the impoverished 12 districts. The oppressed and over taxed citizens provide the wealth for those leeches who inhabit The Capitol. We can relate to the concept of a ruling elite class who enrich themselves at the expense of impoverished citizens.

Can we at least have a video marathon showing all the exotic vacations in lavish settings that our First Family had over the last 6 years? How about the lobbyist lavish events to gain favor from the ruling elite for government contracts? Never mind about our 17 trillion dollars of debt paid by generations of impoverished citizens. Did we really need to spend millions on research of drunk monkeys, fat lesbians, and dilemma of promoting tofu?

Anyway, when my wife and I watch these movies, the social mirror reflects the self indulgent elite being voyeurs watching the impoverished killing each other as entertainment. Our fearless leader has no clue on the mass slaughter going on in the black communities of Chicago, and other impoverished neighborhoods. There is no entertainment value in watching these senseless killings. How about an annual gang killing contest for some prizes televised? This could include all ethnic type gangs, even some Russians! So many are getting killed every year, our President should at least create some entertainment out of this carnage. He is doing nothing to help get more jobs for the poor. He is doing nothing constructive so he might as well be our entertainer in chief.

Do you know my favorite gum?

Do you know my favorite gum?

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