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Do we have to?

November 20, 2014
Listen to the clown in the White House!

Listen to the clown in the White House!

It will be interesting to find out the audience rating for our President speaking to the world tonight. Don’t think many citizens will be listening. We know the illegal aliens will be huddled around their big screen LED television to celebrate. The people smugglers in South America will be watching too. A lot of money will be made off this executive order by the criminals.

The states will be forced to absorb the new wave of illegal aliens marching across our border. The state tax payers will be forced to add more free loaders to their health and welfare services, and their schools. The citizens will pay with more taxes in every state.

Taxed Enough Already
will be the last straw. Nobody is against improving immigration. We the people do not accept imperial decree as our method of government. TEA party is a movement of frustrated citizens taxed and regulated into protest.

Will we get to read this “executive order”? Or is it 25,000 pages of lawyer writing? My bet is that this imperial decree is confusing book of Babel.

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