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Beware of drive by senior attacks!

November 17, 2014

You reap what you sow! I enjoyed the threat video advertising that warned USA consequences of electing wrong president. If Romney was elected president, instead of Obama for 2012, than senior citizens in video threatened to whoop ass and unleash violence to “burn that motherf#$%er down!” This was a confusing threat. If we laughed, than we risked the havoc of seniors on a rampage. If we took the old bitch seriously, than our holiday cookies might not get baked!

Now, our senior citizens have a new weapon of mass destruction. Gun toting seniors with drive by shoot ’em up wheels are everywhere!

Update for 2016 with Bernie Sanders waking up from his 25 year long nap in the senate.  He discovered that the USA has a lot of problems he can fix as president.  He did zip with his ass firmly stuck in his chair in Senate.  But he knows that as president, he is about to kick ass and fix all the problems he ignored while free loading in Senate.


Bernie and Hillary

Not many days left to ruin USA.

Look out you young punks, because the turf war is about to get old school! Massive tank tracks and high performance power plant can get these bad boys into any ‘hood. You better hit the deck when granny or grandpa shows up packing some heat!

Senior assault vehicle

Senior assault vehicle

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  1. hoboduke permalink*
    May 22, 2016 8:13 am

    Reblogged this on Hoboduke Nonsense and commented:

    You are never too old to ruin the USA! Thank you Bernie for doing your worst?

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