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Saving money on gasoline courtesy of Obama?

November 14, 2014

President Obama does not see much benefit to “approving” the Keystone Pipeline. He brushed off the impact for us stupid voters because it will benefit Canada. So our ally and neighbor that has been with the USA is not worth our effort? He publicly told Canada not to lose patience on waiting for approval during the presidential debate with Romney! Now Canada is supposed to pretend Obama never promised this back on television in 2011. It goes without saying, that the US citizens that heard this debate promise can pack this as another deception to stupid voters.

To rub salt in the wound, Obama claims it was his administration that lowered gasoline prices. What Obama policy helped lower gasoline prices by increasing USA supply? Of course, he claims this while out of the USA.

The source of this additional oil supply came from privately owned land of farmers and homeowners. State governors took the initiative to expedite the start of hydraulic fracturing. Fracking reduced cost of oil. Federal energy policies restricted and reduced access to tens of millions of acres of public land. Desolate regions of wilderness are sacred to be kept from any public benefit per Obama. Obama policies are killing thousands of endangered species with Solar and Wind Turbine projects in the wilderness areas!

Canada now sees how they rate with our president after supporting USA on battle missions. We are the stupid voters to be so lucky that Obama lowered our gasoline prices! How did Obama reduce our gasoline prices? What Obama energy policies increased our supply of oil?

USA saving on gas thanks to our fracking!

USA saving on gas thanks to our fracking!

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