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More “advisors” to get killed in Iraq

November 9, 2014

Iraq and Afghanistan war claimed too many lives from U.S. military. We won the Iraq war, but gave away the country to ISIS. Now that it is too embarrassing for our president, he is sending in more “advisors” to die for nothing but propaganda. Our president wants to pretend he looks tough. He enjoys handing out medals. He doesn’t want to win any war. He wants to “manage” ISIS?

So the last Democrat President that used “advisors” was LBJ in Viet Nam. So we get to lose the war we won in Iraq? Plus, we get to repeat the mistakes of Viet Nam too? Brilliant! Advisors are not boots on the ground! Really? Sure, our president told us so. He knows we don’t believe him anymore on anything.

Our darkest days are now. The main priority now for USA is to open borders, and grant amnesty to illegal aliens? Our enemies ignore USA as threat to any of their plans. There will be no medals issued for killed advisors, because they are not in combat officially. These are sad days.

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