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Hobo revenge came on 11/4/2014

November 7, 2014

The Democrat Senators, plus Democrat Congressmen voted out of office are newest members of Hobo nation! We will be hosting a hobo introduction workshop in Washington D.C. for $25 and each Democrat will be assigned a mentor Hobo that will free load and do nothing. This is only fair, since these elected officials have free loaded and done nothing for at least 2 years.

This Hobo workshop will be in the alley behind the 4 Seasons Hotel with dumpster diving for lunch. These folks are probably now discovering that the lobbyists that got them drunk and fed them like hogs are unavailable every time Democrats call.

We know that our newest hobo novices will pretend that nothing happened. When it is time to clear out your office, and all of your staff you treated like slaves are long gone, then you know you are on your own. Some wives, lovers, and mooching in laws will all leave now after cleaning out the refrigerator and running up your credit cards to maximum balance! Hey, what’s another trillion dollars in new debt for USA, right?

Don’t expect President Obama to say anything for your stupidity in following his ideas for how to run your office as legislator. You are on your own, baby! Hobo folk have been ignored by our fearless leader for the last 6 years. Now, you lazy chiselers are kicked out in the street like trash. You need to prove you are worthy of being admitted into the hobo tradition.

It's not funny being poor, but we can laugh about it!

It’s not funny being poor, but we can laugh about it!

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