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Where did everybody go? BO is lonely!

November 2, 2014

This year marks the end of our Hope & Change propaganda presidency. People are walking out from his stirring pep talk speeches! He may not be contagious from Ebola, but nobody wants his loser mojo! We are weary of his dim witted optimism that his leadership somehow improved our country. The Millennials are ignoring the messenger and his message. They are in the back of the bus, watching the political millionaires in the Democrat party living large with limousines.

It’s only make believe political theater now when we see the empty suit strutting on the stage. His audience is quietly leaving during his speeches now. At least this makes his droning speeches end more quickly. He can make 30 minutes feel like an eternity in hell when he is speaking. With his looks, I would not be mugging and grinning like an idiot for television.

My sons are Millennial generation. Their buddies have not quit as they climb out of the rubble of what our president has made of our economy. But nobody buys his claims of how things improved. Those that are military veterans know the VA disaster for treatment. They have seen comrades killed by his “rules of engagement” that shackled military in battle zones. Veterans are not pajama boys buying into propaganda.

November 4, 2014 the door slams shut in the face of our fearless leader. The high crimes and misdemeanors from Benghazi, IRS political harassment, Fast & Furious guns, & murders by illegal aliens are a long list of pain and suffering on US citizens. Somebody is going to pay for some of these criminal acts.

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