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We salute our stupid Democrat Senators!

October 28, 2014

Durbin wound his turban too tight and cut off blood to his brain!

Durbin wound his turban too tight and cut off blood to his brain!

There are too many stupid Democrat Senators and not enough time for comedians to cover their classic material. One classic bit is ridicule of any project for developing more oil energy in USA. “What is the point? It will take decades to have any effect!” In other words, just buy more oil from the land of turbans and keep paying more! Is it possible that a magic carpet deposited some donations for the senator?

So every research project with analysis was dismissed as taking too long to do any good in our lifetime!? Glad that USA has stubborn governors that permitted fracking in their states. Of course, Illinois and New York refuse to ever consider with their state governors. Too bad for those citizens watching other states thrive with work, more income, and growing prosperity. Too bad Durbin could not pretend he never tried to derail the train of progress. Now the progress train has run over him, and his “it will never work” colleagues.

Please remember that the Hope and Change Senators laughed at any energy project for oil. Oil is the failed past of the USA per Durbin. Plow billions into solar cell companies like bankrupt Solyndra, and wind turbines from China. Congratulations to our know it all Senator Durbin! You are a dumb ass!

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