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Matt Damon PROMISED fantasy LAND

October 27, 2014

In 2012 a propaganda anti-oil movie was funded by Abu Dhabi oil money.  Matt Damon portrayed an idyllic fantasy land of proud farmers who didn’t want to get ahead.  It insults the intelligence of the citizens of the USA to believe we are all dying because of oil industry practices.  (Let’s go back to harvesting whales for lamp oil!  Let’s have coal steam powered transportation railroads!)

Consider our decreasing cost of oil products are going lower because of harvesting more oil in USA.  Are the oil cartel countries in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, and Iraq in favor of getting a higher price for their oil?  Tough question for Matt Damon but even dimwit might see the motive on funding this Promised Land movie dud.  However, the private jet, luxury car, and power yacht crowd in the elitist ranks of Hollywood want cheaper fuel for their conspicuous consumption lifestyle.

Now let’s look at real farmers in a state like North Dakota.  The oil company representative knocks on your creaking farm house door.  You and your wife endured blizzards, tornadoes, droughts, and lousy commodity prices for selling your crops.  You have an old tractor, old truck, and no plan on retiring because the tax due on selling your farm will eat up half of your money.  Now the representative opens his brief case that the oil exploration agreement will not require you to sell your farm land, because they want to buy only the mineral rights with free access to set up drilling!  Old Roger and Agnes don’t say a word, yet.  A contract for $50,000,000 is on their kitchen table.  Roger and Agnes sign and don’t even pack as they run out the door with a check as they head to Arizona to buy a retirement home.  Roger, and his parents and grand parents broke their backs and lived modestly from farming in this harsh environment.  Roger and Agnes are laughing all the way to their bank in Arizona as they meet many of their ex-farmer neighbors now wealthy.

Farmers get wealth, USA population get more jobs in energy exploration, steel fabrication, local services for all the oil workers boom, and our cost of gasoline goes down.  There is no good news in Saudi Arabia on oil going down from $100 per barrel to current level of $75 per barrel in commodity market.  If the average commuting worker in the USA saves $1,000 per year on gasoline budget, then do you think more purchases for their family might get this $1,000 instead of Saudi Arabia?

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