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Millennium first adult generation taking over

October 24, 2014

Ready to conquer the world!  Proud of you!

Ready to conquer the world! Proud of you!

My oldest son back from service in 32nd rock climb enjoys time with buddies on his hobo trek West. He chose Montana as his new home. All of our military deployed are in the majority the same generation as my son. Our future is strong with these men and women.

There is no benefit in the list of failures and calamities at the very start of this millennium. The benefit is that this generation has been affected by these failures and calamities. These young adults have been hardened in the forge of global warfare, terrorism, financial failures, and ineffective governments. Their survival capability is far stronger than any previous generation. My army veteran son is enjoying life and not asking for handouts or government public assistance. Blame me, because I have never turned to public aid even in very tough periods of my life. He hauled buckets of water from the lake in the March of 2008, because our electricity was shut off that cut off our water pump. He did not question why I could not pay the electric bill, because he has eyes to see.

My youngest son has a new job working for a Koch Brothers business in Green Bay. In 3 months he got 2 promotions in the manufacturing department and will be a lead machine operator printing a 5,000 pound roll of paper for carry out restaurant bags. This plant is hiring and adding equipment. He worked at a local butcher shop for unpredictable work hours every week. His hourly rate is 30% higher, and he is working overtime every month.

My oldest son will train for ski rescue patrol by Bozeman and be a supervisor for a delicatessen wine store by a major ski resort. He has great friends and they all are striving to live a full life and a better future. He does fund raiser marathon for army buddies every year with some army buddies in Miami.

They will ignore the failed leaders, and force a better future for the USA. Our best days are being planned by these Millennial leaders

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