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Peace and Prosperity are only dreams today!

October 16, 2014

The majority of citizens in USA have no confidence in our president today. The Ebola infections of our citizens does raise a lot of concerns on disorganized safety precautions. The Obama administration had built up hysteria on pandemic flu threat, and promised country that the vaccine H1N1 would save us. Until the vaccine production was infected and dumped, and then the proper production was behind schedule plus unable to meet demand. Priority on vaccine treatment would only be made available to pregnant women, and young. So death panel decided that senior citizens can face risk of infection and wait.

It was God’s blessing that the flu pandemic never happened to test our inept president. The over production of vaccine after threat passed resulted in millions of vials throw into garbage. The long lines of people waiting hours for the hope of the vaccine was a cause for anxiety. The major accomplishment of the Obama administration was to change the name of the influenza from Swine Flu to H1N1 in commercial news media.

We yearn and wish to have peace and prosperity for our country. This seems more like an impossible dream. We know that we can’t find comfort or security in a dream. We are tired of broken promises by our leadership. The president skipping fund raising to hold staff meeting on Ebola is a minor gesture that does not restore our confidence. It is more of an insult that finally, the president recognizes that the country is not with him anymore. We want work and results, instead of speeches and selfies.

We are doomed with this doctor!

We are doomed with this doctor!

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