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Ebola infection blamed on procedures?

October 13, 2014

Hospital care nurse infected by Ebola from our Liberian visitor with USA visa. CDC said the nurse did not follow their protocol exactly. So she got Ebola.

This new suit might be the new protocol to avoid infection. Of course the health worker can’t do anything to help anyone in this suit. But the protocol is easier to follow to avoid infection, but not provide care.

Can somebody please explain why we volunteer to invite EBOLA tourists to bring their disease into USA? Why don’t we deny visa travel to USA from infected “hot zone”? How about the Tuberculosis carriers traveling into USA?

Where is the USA Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell? It seems odd she is invisible on a national health concern? However, most in our federal administration in last few years never seem to show up to work anyway.

Sylvia Burwell not seen on Ebola updates.

Sylvia Burwell not seen on Ebola updates.

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