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Mankind’s survival started with fire!

October 12, 2014

How many brilliant students at Harvard had to experience struggle to survive? I never tried applying to attend, but I have learned how to survive by trials of adversity. I am confident most of them could not start a fire or set up camp without a guide. Their odds for survival get worse if they have to fish or hunt for food.

The earliest ancestors of man developed weapons to hunt for food, and they did need fire for warmth and safety against predators.

The discovery of fire kept our ancestors from freezing to death. Fire was also our source of heat for cooking and killing bacteria from raw meat. Smoked fish, ham, bacon, and sausage was safest method for storage of food in root cellar.

Some students from Harvard were asked if the USA or ISIS posed a greater threat to the world. The students suggesting the USA was the greater threat to peace made me laugh. They certainly didn’t pose a physical threat to world peace.

If they can’t set up shelter for camp, light a fire, fish, or hunt, then their survival depends upon money from home for everything. Let’s start with lighting a fire first for survival as the sun is sinking and the air starts to chill. Native inhabitants in the forest don’t care about people. Wolves, cougars, hawks, eagles, owls, bears, and foxes are all around forests where there are towns and cities.

The woods have fallen tree limbs, pine cones, twigs and dead trees. This is ready fuel for wild fire or camp fire. Starting the fire requires a basic understanding of combustion. Pine cones and twigs can be used to build a chimney to shelter the small flame to consume the kindling and leap a stronger flame onto the chopped limbs we stack up like a teepee over the burning chimney.

Some students from Harvard view USA as a greater threat to peace than ISIS! The fire of ISIS is not yet strong enough to ignite a world war. Have these students read the history from The Crusades that had battled Muslim warriors for hundreds of years? Europe basically failed in their mission to protect European countries from Muslim invasions. ISIS is but another chapter in the Muslim history of invasion and beheadings of non believers. USA did not exist during these early centuries of Muslim invasion. USA did exist with our battles of Barbary Coast pirates who were Muslim pirates stealing our cargo vessels and enslaving sailors. Our marines were called “leather necks” because they did not become victims of beheading by the Muslims.

My 6 pound sharp axe and 2 pound hatchet are in a box next to my fireplace tools. ISIS are not welcome

The sword of Vitautus protects my house.

The sword of Vitautus protects my house.

in my woods. I am more concerned on Harvard students losing their heads to ISIS due to stupidity.

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