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Things are getting hairy!

October 10, 2014

“And yet most pogonophiles carried on wearing theirs regardless – and quite right too. Yes, the beard had become a bit of a cliché. A neat version screams ‘still got it – honest!’ a bit too loudly. A huge, out-of-control bush has started to look like a bit of an effort to live with, which is the opposite of the anti-establishment Hobo vibe the wearer presumably hopes to convey.” Hannah Marriot article quoting Jerry Paxman on the whisker trend bores him as more Neanderthal than hip.

I don’t want to be hip, and won’t let my whiskers give me the Gabby Hayes look. In his professional career, his whiskers filled his bank account handsomely! His wife endured the look with his wealth from the cowboy character he became. I won’t be as wealthy as Gabby Hayes and don’t expect a movie career he enjoyed.

International celebrity soccer star David Beckham is entitled to do whatever he wants with his popularity and fashion plate family. What bothers me is the whisker crowd in USA steals the Hobo look, with no coins for Hobo community! What is with the Duck Dynasty look now for metro- sexuals?

Dapper David Becham sets template for those seeking to be "in".

Dapper David Becham sets template for those seeking to be “in”.

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