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Ebola visitors welcomed into USA

October 7, 2014

Center for Disease Control combined with Homeland Security are tasked with preventing EBOLA invading the USA. More than a few citizens were a little alarmed at chartered jets hauling back 2 infected US citizens infected on aid work in Ebola territory in Africa. I don’t know anything about Ebola, and I know less after official government updates.

We all are alarmed that our safety net to prevent the export of Ebola is the airport security of Liberia? So this alien Duncan handles a dying housemate in Liberia, and decides to quit his job and hop onto a jet for good old USA?! How did he get a visa to visit? He lied to Liberia security that he was not in contact with Ebola. Why did he lie? To get health care in USA! Why not? We have no security to stop any plague victim walking in from Mexico, or flying in from Liberia.

Our president promised us that we have nothing to fear by our meddling in Africa to help them. What about helping us? Now his promise that nothing to fear is being updated with a new promise that he will do something more, now. The plague is in our country, and this Ebola tourist from Liberia was kind enough to share it with unsuspecting airline travelers.

We are being cautioned by CDC that we have nothing to fear. So why are all towels, bed sheets, and anything physically contacted has to be treated as hazardous material? That makes no sense if only we can get infected by personal close contact! Does anybody know the real infection threat story?

Congratulations to Texas for not only getting the lion’s share of illegal alien kids, plus now add the Ebola invasion that wasn’t going to happen! Governor Perry is getting more challenges and burdens than any state at the moment. Thanks to God, Chicago didn’t get the Ebola victim. Gang bangers would have shot him in the street after rolling him. The police would never find the shooters and away we go!

Airport security doesn’t bother asking where you traveled. They are basically machine operators like a cashier at grocery store. They scan you naked, rummage through your luggage and don’t even talk to you. TSA is front line for CDC protection! Great!

We know how to stop Ebola!  Wash your hands!

We know how to stop Ebola! Wash your hands!

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