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We are prepared in Northern Wisconsin

October 5, 2014

The video and social media campaign of ISIS to threaten anyone daring to stop them is bloody propaganda. My concern is that the children of today in school are not being schooled in the strength of our people and our traditions. If our children understand how deep our love of country is in the roots of this land, then these cowards who kill defenseless people will not seem so threatening.

My favorite essay writer is Ralph Waldo Emerson. His poem Concord Hymn is eloquent in demanding we remember the spirit of our revolutionary heroes. Their spirit is in our blood today.

Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.

Had a Twitter conversation with a devoted patriot in Texas on fear of ISIS terrorists. My mind took me back to why we are free today. Farmers dared to challenge tyranny with musket shots near Concord Massachusetts.

My fellow patriots in the north woods of Wisconsin breathe the same air of freedom as those farmers that started the Revolution. The ISIS cowards hold up axes, guns to show us they are coming to take over the world. Go to any neighbor’s home in my area and you will find the tools of our area. You will find a chain saw or 2. You will find numerous axes. I have a massive axe for heavy splitting, a medium weight axe that is sharp for tree limbs, and a hand very sharp axe. One or 2 rifles of different caliber with one of them in your pick up truck is very common.

We are very hospitable folks and enjoy the visitors to our territory. We are very protective of our territory. We don’t have wildfires by vigilant pro active watchtowers and volunteer fire departments. We don’t have rampant crime, because we don’t let anybody claim our territory. ISIS would not get any heads in this area. Their last day on earth would not be fun here.

Just as a footnote. We in Menominee county are proud that we historically retain the privilege of the highest percentage per capita of volunteers in military. I was proud of my marksman son’s service in Iraq, and his buddies. The children here don’t need to fear that ISIS will kill school kids in our territory.

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