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Harvest time stacking wood

October 4, 2014

Life in the north woods of Wisconsin is all about planning life around the seasons. On October 1, the dead trees can be dropped until the end of Winter. We had 4 dead trees cut down by Menominee timber men & women. Chain saws humming set tree trunk and big tree limbs into sections that fit into firebox of cast iron stove. The temperature now gets to freezing at night, and today have rain and 50 degrees.

When I got up our house was chilly. Of course our starving Keeshond Tag was barking when he heard I was up. My coonhound Millie as always has to round up Tag and Poochie our shelter rescue for going outside. Of course I had to take the dogs out first, and feed them for some peace and quiet. My wife was still under the warm covers while I went back out to bring in 2 loads of firewood. I set about to get the fireplace working with a blazing fire. This is my duty alone. I don’t ban my wife from starting a fire, but she never wants to haul in wood and get the fire started.

I did also turn on the furnace this morning. The propane tank has 400 gallons we bought in August at $1.89 per gallon. This should take us through the winter, so long as I use the fireplace so the furnace is not needing to heat the whole house alone.

My hobo lifestyle includes living off the land as much as possible to reduce consumption and spending. We have a lot of trees that we protect by taking down the dead trees to avoid damage to the healthy trees.

To make it very clear that this harvest season will be challenging, snow and rain is mentioned for the coming week. So our preparations continue. Firewood needs to continue to be stacked, and the downed trees need to be split for stacking next year. In November a 1/4 of beef goes into the freezer.

Last Winter was a challenge for the USA. None of us want to have this Winter to be so tough. I have my copy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2015. The almanac is my go to planning book for the seasons. My copies from 2013 proved worth every penny and copy from 2014 has helped plan our schedule of projects.

The seasons and weather require us to take action. Our Menominee nation neighbors are dropping trees, cutting wood, and of course stocking the freezer with fish plus wild game. We have huge wild turkeys, deer, ducks, geese, and fish in abundance in Wisconsin in north woods.

Enjoy this harvest season with some hot cider and some hobo stew!

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