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Matrix of deceit

October 3, 2014

You probably will only see this in a museum now. This is a coin operated pay telephone. It has a wire, and it is wired into a telephone network. Some folks still use this network to connect to the internet!

Our president made the brilliant observation that some banks are reducing staff by use of Automated Teller Machine (ATM). This may come as news to him, but most companies do not use a telephone operator to “direct your call”. Try calling Social Security for instance! So the job recovery is weak due to new technology? It seems we lost a lot of jobs at Solyndra after USA invested in sinking solar panel new technology.

Companies making this pay telephone have switched to new products to sell. Guys that own these pay telephones lost their business. Some of my buddies did own pay telephones and vending machines set up at gas stations. This business used to be good income. The only people that used to need a pay telephone could not afford a private phone line. But now we got “Obamaphone” paid by our federal deficit to anybody that says they need a phone. Our federal government drove pay phone people out of business!

The promise of “shovel ready jobs” doesn’t seem what our millions of college graduates want. But don’t worry grads, our president has not delivered “shovel ready jobs”. He did deliver burger flipper jobs for college graduates.

Matrix character Trinity was the ultimate hacker femme fatale. She enticed Neo to join their battle against the system and discovering the Matrix. It was an amazing unveiling of man versus artificial intelligence created by man. Why did she choose to wear black latex outfits? Why did Neo wear sunglasses and a black leather trench coat indoors? They had to answer the phone to escape. It was confusing.

Saved by the old pay phone in Matrix!

Saved by the old pay phone in Matrix!

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