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President wants winning lottery number?

September 30, 2014

The captain of our ship of state is lost and adrift. When the seas turn stormy, and the ship starts getting tossed we need our captain to set a course. We don’t want to hear that it’s stormy out there. We don’t offer our sympathy that he had no idea that hurricanes are dangerous.

Obama is mad that his staff won’t give him the winning lottery number before the drawing. Does he really think the world is so simple that his staff can predict and foresee everything? He is a child in a world of adults.

The USA is adrift with nobody taking charge to lead our government. Our president is looking backwards offering stupid excuses. If he surrounded himself with political lackeys, then that is his fault. If he ignored the work necessary to keep up with world events, then that is his fault.

It is an insult to our history and heritage to pretend that this president is a victim of incompetents. He is incompetent. If he chose incompetent cabinet members, then why is it the fault of the cabinet? If he ignored for years the experience and knowledge of president Bush, then that is his ego ruining our future. President Bush was not perfect, but he did take pro active approach to find solutions to our problems.

The game is up. We all know that our president is lazy. We all know that our president wants the luxury and lifestyle of a world leader. He does not earn the respect of world leaders. He is not a world leader. He takes no position. He leaves all options open to cut and run at the first sign of trouble. He bombed Libya into chaos with no plan to restore their government. He wanted Muslim Brotherhood to run Egypt, when their people rejected that fanatic group. He threatened Syria and hid behind Congress as his adversary. He deserted the people of Iran who called out for support their taking back their country. He talks and talks about Ukraine but offers no aid they need.

A weak captain risks attacks of pirates. A weak captain stirs the crew to consider mutiny. Our ship of state is adrift with excuses and speeches from our president.

President acted swiftly to release 5 terrorists to ISIS for a deserter.

President acted swiftly to release 5 terrorists to ISIS for a deserter.

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  1. Daniel Cabrera permalink
    October 4, 2014 1:58 pm

    Actually, whatever this man (Mr Obama) may want, do or say,…is totally irrelevant,….he has done enough damage to our country in so many ways at so many levels that what he needs is to be exposed, arrested , accused, convicted , and ultimately put in jail for a very long time along with all his associates, and affiliates.

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