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Eric Holder resigned as Attorney General of USA

September 29, 2014

The position of Attorney General is the top federal law man in our country.  The commercial news media relished the humiliation of John Mitchell.  He ignored the illegal actions of the Nixon team using any means necessary to get re-election victory.  Mitchell was sentenced and served prison time.  Up to now, he is the only attorney general ever sent to prison!

However, our former attorney general Eric Holder is the only office holder ever to be held in contempt of Congress.  He ignored and failed to release the files on the illegal and lethal Fast and Furious gun running to drug lord in Mexico.  The office of Attorney General passed permission along to questioning gun shop store owners to ignore law instructing them to release guns that violated law.  How many Mexican drug lords were arrested or tracked down by forcing gun owners to break our law?  We know the US and Mexican deaths that are a direct result of these illegal guns Holder sent into Mexico.

Eric Holder has ignored investigating the IRS violations of law.  The Benghazi “criminals” that killed our citizens has his department of Justice bringing to trial one killer from the dozens who attacked our ambassador and his staff.  What about the processing of illegal aliens over the last 6 years?  Why do we have a country with less law enforcement but over equipped with military weapons sent to law enforcement?

These are rhetorical questions, because Eric Holder has never expended any effort to improve our safety under the law.  He will have the distinction and historical legacy of being the 2nd Attorney General to be sent to prison soon.  This will not bring back the hundreds of Mexican families that suffered the loss of life with weapons deliberately sent to drug lord killers. The USA owes an apology at the very least to the country of Mexico for the flagrant violation of law by Holder.

Holder hiding from upset citizens!

Holder hiding from upset citizens!

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