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Climate villain is marijuana

September 24, 2014

Man has disrupted the natural balance of nature with marijuana.

The crop of marijuana demands a lot of natural resources for growth. Urban growers have massive consumption of electricity that drives use of carbon based energy sources of the utility company. The buildings used for urban growth use a lot of natural resources by displacing wild animals and trees. For some odd reason, urban growers tend to have a lot of weapons that can endanger peaceful neighbors.

Farmers in marijuana agriculture mow down trees for growth. Fertilizer chemicals and water for irrigation defile our natural resources. Marijuana farmers also have a lot of weapons compared to food crop farmers. Most food crop farmers don’t have security lights, pit bulls, and trip wires.

The carbon created in the supporting industries that are used by marijuana production are destroying our climate. The marijuana users are a minority of our population. The carbon problems from growing marijuana exceed the benefit based on the population of our country. Why do we all need to suffer, so marijuana users can get wasted and dopey?

Food production is highly restricted to keep balance in the environment and protect wild life. The food is necessary to sustain our lives. Marijuana production is not vital to sustaining life. Marijuana is a luxury item when drought areas desperately need water for life instead of dope.

A lot of the Climate Change fanatics turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy of carbon excess in marijuana crop compared to cabbage. Nobody guards cabbage crops with guns. Coleslaw and sauerkraut are healthy and aids digestion as well. Marijuana users are constipated and confused.

A pot plant in every window is a pipe dream!

A pot plant in every window is a pipe dream!

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