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Museum of Doom has 2 new halls

September 23, 2014

If we can’t trust the scientific experts from the last 40 years, then what can we trust? We need to save our planet before it becomes a ball of ice! No wait, we need to save our planet before it becomes an oven cooking us!

TIME magazine cover stories that focused on climate covers all the bases of climate doom. Now current scientific experts, educated by the past scientific experts come to opposite conclusions for climate doom.

So we need to make climate laws that will both keep us from freezing and keep us from over heating. Why do we need to put up with the rotation of the earth around the sun? Why do we need season? Why can’t we pass a law about the sun! We need to ban volcanoes and forest fires too! How about banning agitators fanning hysteria on climate every decade for a new doom?

Pick your favorite doom!

Pick your favorite doom!

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