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Why intruders look for President?

September 21, 2014

Millions of fans love Pikachu in the evolution to Raichu! My youngest son dragged me to sit through a movie about Pokémon way back at the start of our Millennium. It seemed harmless enough, and didn’t make a lot of sense. Now it seems the revenge of Pokémon is coming to The White House?

A “pajama boy” intruder wearing a Pokémon hat scaled the iron fence that protects our president from us common folk. His list of demands was not reported by commercial news media, since Pokémon is not newsworthy anymore.

I can only imagine that he was not any more confused or dangerous than the true believers of the Obama cult. At least he was not killed like the confused young mom that tried to visit the White House with her baby daughter. She was black, for those who keep track of ethnic quotas. Mr. Pokémon is white. She was gunned down, and nobody cares about her orphaned daughter anymore. Too bad, we’re sad, but nobody helped.

Now we got a combat veteran intruder who is Hispanic, for those who keep track of ethnic quotas. He got to the front door of the White House. Does our president get salesmen knocking at his front door? Does he get “You won a vacation!” marketing calls on his Red Hot Line phone?

Of course, our President was vacationing with all this going on. He flew on our private helicopter to Camp David with his daughters. His wife was somewhere doing something at our expense.

Reading the biography COOLIDGE now reveals how much things have changed. He paid the White House maids, cook, groundskeepers out of his salary as president. He was frugal with our government money, and his personal money. He vacationed at his own expense, and “walked” around Washington D.C. with 1 Secret Service agent for protection. He didn’t talk much, and didn’t spend much, and didn’t tax much! That seems much better than life today.

I blame our bankrupt entertainment industry that can only resurrect comic book figures from the 1970’s for movies. Pokémon swept across the USA from Japan and confused me. The Millennial generation grew up with Pokémon but fortunately it was a passing fad that only cost parents too much money on trading cards, movies, and hats. My oldest son grew up on Teenage Ninja Turtles that was not politically correct and endorsed both violence and pizza.

Pokémon fan faces danger at White House.

Pokémon fan faces danger at White House.

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