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Here we go again! Hillary being naughty

September 16, 2014

She looks like Dr. Strangelove in a creepy sort of way. What was going on in her basement? When she was Secretary of State it seems her top aides were busy sorting out documents about Benghazi in the bowels of the State Department basement. Their mission was to save “the 7th floor” which is her floor with top aides. Saturday morning staff ordered into hiding evidence from Inspector General and Congress is just another day for Hillary.

Ambassador Stevens is not the first person to die due to association with the Clinton curse. Dead men tell no tales. There was that suicide years ago, but that’s ancient history and what difference does it make?

Hillary does have a unique filing system! There were billing records from her law firm that suddenly just appeared in the White House residence, 9 years after a subpoena. There were documents that just showed up in a auto salvage yard in the trunk of a car in Arkansas. She has no records on her making $1,000,000 on a $200 investment in hog bellies futures a while ago.

Best guess is the Benghazi investigators need to head back to Arkansas to that salvage yard in Arkansas for her State Department documents. It seems that FELONY danger may force another Clinton associate to commit “suicide”? Strongly suggest that Raymond Maxwell stay with friends so he doesn’t suddenly show up as victim of suicide.

Hillary has definitely skill at being naughty. Anybody care to remember “travelgate” for her kicking out the travel service group to be replaced by a hand picked travel agency? So her direct orders to Maxwell to get rid of evidence seems like the good old days back in Arkansas. Except the federal government is not like Arkansas under Slick Willy.

Saw her wearing an orange pant suit. She may be wearing orange a lot in the jail house.

Raymond Maxwell not going along with cover up.

Raymond Maxwell not going along with cover up.

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