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Benghazi “stand down” order

September 7, 2014

A lot of concerns and questions are now being answered. When the attack on the Benghazi compound on 9/11/2012 I did not believe our citizens sworn to protect our country would watch the massacre in Benghazi. 13 Hours at Benghazi is a new book I will buy. Fox had a special on Saturday with 3 of those that came to the aid of our ambassador during the attack in Libya. I did get choked up seeing brave men that risked their lives and their careers defying cowardly superiors.

Watch the replays of the special report on FOX.

I could not believe that the patriots who protect our freedom would allow a mob of terrorist to massacre our citizens. My faith was reaffirmed. These men in the book, and others who did not want to be in the book all went to the battle. They were repeatedly told “stand down”. They ignored and fought to the death terrorists. Now of course, the liars and deceivers like spokes woman Marie Harf claim “stand down” orders were never issued!?

These fighters endured 13 hours of hell, mortal wounds, and no support. This confirms to me that I trust our citizens and our military to be with us. I will not trust our self promoting cowards that would be pissing their panties under attack. It’s a joke to hear the tough talk about sending terrorist to the “gates of hell” from the crew that has 1 small time terrorist from Benghazi going to trial. The handful of defenders in Benghazi mowed down dozens of attackers in Benghazi. They had the right way of handling “justice”! Mow them down, instead of serving papers to a mob.

My faith in our protectors is intact. My suspicion of our dishonest self promoting administration remains affirmed. There were no orders to “stand down” even though these brave men were ordered to “stand down”!

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