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Nature shuts off my TV

September 5, 2014

Thursday September 4, 2014 was another day. I was looking forward to enjoying the start of NFL season with 2 great teams of Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. Wisconsin was getting a weather front of Summer storms that started raining at noon in Green Bay. I was shopping at Cabela’s and when I walked out saw black clouds over the city with high winds.

Hustled to my car in the parking lot before the tons of water started pouring down. I had no idea that this storm was aimed at ruining my evening? I started heading north west back home with 45 miles to drive. It rained the whole ride home.

I let the dogs out with a break in the rain. They were quick about their business to get under roof as the trees dripped water everywhere. The rain started picking up heavy again with rumbles of thunder near the lake. Put more Leinenkugel Honey Weiss in the fridge, and was ready for the game later.

Winds picked up in strength from West, and rain became intense blocking view of lake. Lightning lit up the black sky with sunset hours away yet, but no sunlight seen. Then it happened somewhere in the north woods! Power went out at 6:05 PM! I was thinking of the line men and utility truck crews crawling through sheets of rain and high winds to restore our power. My wife called in the electric out report, and they had no other reports of power out.

I hauled out the kerosene lanterns and LED flash lights. We had light. Got one of our portable radios tuned into the Packers station. I started my Packers app that pushes information to my iPhone. Packers lost the game, but did not quit! My festive attitude on watching the game was all wet with the endless storm. The power came back before midnight. Went to bed at midnight with the winds growing stronger, lightning all around us, and rain would not stop!?

Nature and weather do not care about my plans. Nature controls our world. Our shelters and plans need to constantly change to stand up the forces bigger than us.

This storm ruined my plans for 9/4 NFL 1st game!

This storm ruined my plans for 9/4 NFL 1st game!

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