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White House cannot keep a secret on military

September 3, 2014

The NATO meeting has not happened yet. Of course the whole world knows about a “secret plan” to assemble a rapid deployment force in the Baltic countries. Do you wonder why our allies cannot trust the USA? The game of chess has equal forces and the same allowed moves on both sides of the chess board. The advantage is in positioning your forces, with a secret strategy. Your opponent can see what is moved, but there is no announcement declaring that in 2 moves I will checkmate your king by these 2 moves. Our president wants publicity and strutting around in the spot light on everything that he can claim credit. Even in chess you need to try to keep your intent secret, just like global military plans.

So I am quite sure that the “leaked agreement details” of a rapid deployment force of 4,000 troops is not big enough to intimidate anyone. The whole value of the force is in secrecy. 4,000 troops can swiftly move into a strategic position when needed. Russia laughs and Putin announces he can add a lot more troops to Ukraine invasion now that he knows this. Thank you to our fearless leader for having his staff leak sensitive military information again!

The only secret information we have is on IRS emails, Affordable Healthcare security breaches, Fast and Furious guns Holder gave Mexican drug lords, and Benghazi massacre of deserted U.S. citizens. Even the federal Inspector Generals that are tasked to investigate our government have gone on record complaining of being blocked with information moved out of reach.

If our president thought of Putin as a Republican Congressman, maybe he would take secrecy and being tough to heart.

We got a secret military plan!  OK I'll tell you!

We got a secret military plan! OK I’ll tell you!

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