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Obama plans on managing ISIL?

September 3, 2014

Good old Joe Biden promised to chase ISIL to the “gates of hell”. He always enjoyed talking tough like a big shot. However, in another galaxy, our fearless leader droned in a monotone about “degrade and destroy” talk and then said he knows we can make ISIL a “manageable problem”? Destroy or manage? What is it?!

If our fearless leader managed ISIL, then we know they would lose.

USA is still here due to our citizens and a few governors that promoted oil production. Governor Christie has the honor of driving New Jersey into financial ruin with a $2.4 Billion dollar bankruptcy of a casino developer he promoted on Boardwalk. We know Christie is great material for a president like our Obama.

Our president needs something to pep him up?! Maybe he needs a vacation? How about staying on vacation until 2017? If we had Joe Biden as president now, Putin and our other enemies would be nervous. Biden is unhinged. Joe doesn’t know what day it is.

Nobody wake up Obama. Just let him vacation and sleep.

We won the wars, and we killed Bin Laden!

We won the wars, and we killed Bin Laden!

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