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Global Warming Wizards

September 2, 2014

Latest report recorded by National Snow & Ice Data Center issued on August 19, 2014. NSIDC report is readily available on their web site. August level of ice Antarctic Ice is at record high. So Global Warming crisis makes more ice?

German scientists charted solar activity effects on climate. Read up on how people in the world struggled though global cooling from 1350 up to 1850. Anyway, solar activity measured in ways I don’t understand, are in a trend to earth getting colder for a extended period of years. Frank Bosse and Fritz Varenholt published their report on the relation of sun spots to more heat transmitted to earth’s climate.

The “scientists” demanding everyone accept Global Warming as our punishment for enjoying creature comforts, are the modern dooms day repent idiots. They are more like fortune tellers and probably have no more credibility than a wizard from medieval ages. Global warming wizards sneer and laugh at any question of their predictions of doom.

Volcano eruptions create more pollution in atmosphere than China and India for a year. Wildfires in the USA create more pollution than all of the coal utility plants! Who can we fine for volcano and forest fires?

The Museum of Doom has many exhibits. I am suggesting to make Al Gore the fund raiser and curator of this new museum. I will be the Ombudsman at large. It seems nobody is happy, unless we can predict several extinction threats to keep everyone scared and alarmed. Mark Twain observed “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so!”

Mark Twain knew we were doomed 100 years ago!

Mark Twain knew we were doomed 100 years ago!

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