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Time Out! We’re Not Ready Yet!

September 1, 2014

Life is not fair! Our president has told the commercial news media that he is not ready yet to handle anything. “We don’t have a strategy yet!” Time out! I said “Time out!”? This is not a school playground. People do control some countries with brutal force. Some of these countries take what they want, until somebody stops them. It’s as simple as that.

Our president lectures everyone that is the 21st century, so greed, murder, envy, etc. no longer exist. This is not the century for a “Cold War” with Russia? Says who? We were a lot dumber when we stopped Russian expansion and domination. We didn’t offer lame excuses that “We don’t have a strategy yet!” We did not push the nuclear launch button because we failed diplomatically. We did have “secret” operations. We did not brag about our secret forces by propaganda movies back when we were dumb world leaders. My fear is that our inept bungling invites aggression that can lead to a real war!

Israel demonstrated to our president how to handle aggressors when a cease fire agreement is violated. Prime Minister Cameron is taking actions and explains them to his country’s citizens to prevent terrorist actions in England. Our president may have reviewed some strategies after all his fund raising events last week. The Prime Minister even made an address to his elected representatives in their House of Commons.

We cannot expect our president to take a “time out” from fund raising and golf. Plus football and basketball sport seasons do need his personal attention. I did learn that the private golf instructor for our president is preparing his memoirs. “Golf for Democrats”.

"How sweet it is!"  The great one Gleason

“How sweet it is!” The great one Gleason

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