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Chill out man! Don’t bug me!

August 29, 2014

My favorite president Ronald Reagan had many blunders and sadly many deaths with his Mideast policies. Ethnic rivalries and religious disputes over centuries are too complex for a USA solution. The best we can do is protect USA by a combination of military and diplomacy. We can’t demand that all conflicting sects in Mideast get along because we tell them to play nice. It won’t happen!

Our president returned from his vacation to hold a press conference. Nobody asked for this conference. He volunteered. There is a term in the north woods about avoiding hitting a “deer in the headlights”. Our fearless leader was a deer in the headlights. “We don’t have a strategy yet!” I will forget his 19th century expression of not putting the cart before his horse.

Ronald Reagan rode horses his whole life, but never bothered hooking up a buggy to any horse. Our current president has never rode a horse. He has never been in a horse drawn cart. He does drive a golf cart! Who worries about how he hooks up his horse and cart? Who cares?

We all are worried. Chaos on policies dealing with international threats confirms we have no skipper at the rudder. “We don’t have a strategy yet!” So the ship of state is just drifting because he can’t decide on any strategy. So all the dead military in Iraq and Afghanistan were sent to die with no strategy? That is a morale builder?! To use another 19th century expression; “No point in beating a dead horse!” Our president is waiting just to wait. It’s a long wait until he gets some horse sense!

He should stay on vacation until 2017.

president paid ransom releasing terrorists going to Isis.

president paid ransom releasing terrorists going to Isis.

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