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Labor Day honors workers

August 26, 2014

President Grover Cleveland designated the first Monday of September starting in 1887 as an official national holiday. We honored tradesmen and laborers with a paid holiday. In the 19th century the employee had little rights.

In our 21st century, we have too many without jobs who want to be employed. Labor Day is not a holiday all can enjoy. Our current president promised that his top priority was to give everyone a job shoveling something. Back in the 19th century, not many people had jobs shoveling. Why would our president promise people “shovel ready jobs”? Why doesn’t our president hire a caddy at least when he golfs? Doesn’t he know that riding a cart is for handicapped and old people? He needs to walk the golf course and hire a caddy! MAN UP!

Our president can work on Labor Day. That would be a first seeing him work!

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!

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