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Are we having fun yet?

August 19, 2014

Ferguson, Mo is a small community based on 2010 census of 21,203. For those focused on racial statistics, 44.75% “white” and 52.41% “black” make up the majority of population. 25% of these households were a woman with no man. The median income is well below Martha’s Vineyard population.

Since the Great Recession, the “black” population has not recovered jobs or income to 2007 level. Our president kept telling everybody that he was “focused like a laser on new jobs!” His laser beam obviously missed a lot of communities like Ferguson. So for 6 years, how long do we think people can wait, and wait for work? The tradition and heritage of our culture in USA is based upon success from work and personal effort to improve their lot in life. Most folks have given up waiting for our president’s wave of jobs.

To complicate the problems for the people living in Ferguson, the protests and complaints for the death of Mr. Brown are now looting, pillaging, and a destructive rampage. The looters and pillagers are tourist terrorists from other areas to wear masks and steal stuff. Of course, ISIS banners and other anti USA stuff is in display. Nobody should be surprised. We have militant anti USA groups that bring in agitators for “OCCUPY WALL STREET”, “THROW OUT ANTI UNION GOVERNOR WALKER”, “CHICAGO TEACHER UNION PROTESTS”, and more. All the protests are based on communist pet propaganda topics. The 1% rich are draining the blood of the poor! How come our president and his top lawman our attorney general are not protecting USA from abuse and control of 1%? Nobody knows what they are doing.

All the parties and celebrations for our “hope and change” under our president are forgotten. We never got anything to celebrate. Speeches don’t bring back the burned out, looted out stores in Ferguson. Don’t expect the store owners to feel obligated to rebuild. My family needs to be fed, and anybody robbing me is robbing my family’s future. The thieves and thugs “protesting” in Ferguson are killing the future for those who do live there. The thieves just leave town with their loot.

Midnight looters steal instead of protest for Brown.

Midnight looters steal instead of protest for Brown.

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