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Gloves come off Al Gore

August 16, 2014

Once upon a time, Al Gore had a cable channel. Nobody knew about it, because nobody watched it. No advertisers spent any money to advertise on it either. Unlike his inventing the internet, his media empire was more of a dump.

In a caravan in the deserts of the Middle East, some guys wearing turbans saw their chance to dominate every home in the USA through cable TV. Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar’s “Royal” family. They deposited 65 million in a U.S. bank as escrow funds to complete the transaction for purchase of Current TV channel from Al “biscuits & gravy” Gore. It seems the bank let the “Royal” family switch the funds out of the escrow account. They must have figured they already paid enough for Current TV. The bank must have figured, they want to keep doing business with the “Royal” family. The bank that has no business with Al Gore, let the money move out.

Al Gore has his legal team looking to get the money returned before the world ends by Global Warming. The “Royal” family seems to like keeping a few million dollars from doomsday Al. That is just plain un American.

Qatar is a long way away from Tennessee. Al can visit their tent near the oasis to find his money. Anybody seen Qatar? It is a billionaire resort city built by our money to their oil companies. Our navy fleet is headquartered there to protect their oil.

Perhaps Al Gore can lean on John Kerry to negotiate the return of his stolen money from Qatar? Al would be out of place in Qatar. If you don’t drive arrive in your Rolls Royce with your own chauffeur, then you would be considered a hobo. John Kerry would fit right in wearing his yacht commodore costume.

The lesson is clear. Don’t trust the “Royal” family on a deal. Al was chuckling how he took them on the deal. Now he is holding the bag. He got skunked, and he don’t like the smell.

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