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Mission with no name is Operation ZIP

August 13, 2014

Who says our president can’t keep a secret? Sure he blabbed about Seal Team 6 killing Osama Bin Laden. Sure he had Hollywood folks with no security clearance wander through the inner sanctum of CIA to make his movie on this “secret” mission. We have a secret mission that is very hush hush!

This diplomatic strategy is so secret it has no name. It has no operation plan. It has no goal. It has no instructions to military. It has nothing. It is how our president wings it.

Our fearless leader just realized that Iraq terrorists known as Isis or Isil are taking over the country we died liberating. These sadists enjoy torturing, beheading, raping, killing, and taunting how they are invading USA next. It seems our president discovered this on the news. He has been ignoring requests for assistance from Iraq, and ignored military warnings from Pentagon and ignored CIA alerts on stopping Isis from last year! Why didn’t Biden, Kerry, Hagel and Michelle tell him to wake up on losing Iraq? He learns about stuff in the news. But he doesn’t need to learn stuff by the news, because he knows it all already. But he has a war with no name and the news media doesn’t want to go there to cover it anyway. President is giving world a migraine headache!

General Schwarzkopf laughed at Saddam Hussein threat of killing USA in "mother of all wars"!

General Schwarzkopf laughed at Saddam Hussein threat of killing USA in “mother of all wars”!

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