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Putin blockade empties grocery stores

August 8, 2014

As a KGB thug, Vladimir Putin does know how to make Russia citizens unhappy! His threat to USA is blockade of our agriculture products import. The young millennials in Russia do not know the misery of life during days of Kruschev. Grocery shelves now, today in Russia look like during the days of Kruschev.

In response to the additional economic sanctions on Russia because of the Ukraine invasion, Putin dismissed importance of food products from European Union and USA. That is why the grocery stores in Russia quickly sold out inventory of these products. The people in Russiado not enjoy Russian staples alone!

Yes, Russian vodka and caviar are awesome but don’t feed a Russian family! “Collectivized Agriculture” are government farms taken from families and run by bureaucrats terribly. Back in the 1980’s people were given permission to raise their own food on small plots. These private gardens out produced the massive collective farms!

Anyway, the new generation in Russia know that police and government officials are corrupt to make a better income. They are bending the law to get ahead, because there is no law in Russia. They do enjoy western products and Putin now has made everyone mad. You can’t eat propaganda. You can’t feed a family with propaganda.

Kruschev bumbled and blustered on the world stage, as he squeezed and killed Russian dissent. Russian families had miserable food, miserable working conditions, and saw life as miserable. The new generation in Russia will not be sitting and taking it.

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