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July 26, 2014

We are a country that loves to sing. From the church hymns & gospel music inspiring Aretha Franklin’s love of song, to hip hop & rap music; we the people find strength in music together. Right now, we know the same old song coming from the White House.

There is nothing more awesome than hearing the whole church sing together AMAZING GRACE! Our president claims to be a fan of music but he does not bother to even try getting Congress & Senate agree to sing together!

We are hungry for some sweet music! We are tired of the excuses why nobody wants to sing together anymore in Washington D.C. When I was a kid my parents watched Mitch Miller show on CBS and I would watch it too even though it wasn’t my favorite music. He was not a singer. He chose music for a chorus of men and women to sign together from the American songbook.

How much longer do we have to keep hearing the yelling and name calling in Washington D.C.? The most repeated song titles are; “You Didn’t Build That”, “Fair Shot Fair Share”, “I Got a Pen and a Phone”, and “Shovel Ready Jobs”.

Nothing would make the country happier than laughing at how bad they sing together, but we love the songs anyway! How about some Pete Seeger songs from the old Hootenanny days?

Singing is good for you!

Singing is good for you!

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