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Bad credit? No credit? Get your car at RAT HOLE CAR LOT!

July 21, 2014

People in desperate financial trouble are always good prospects to get robbed by a bank! Check out this report in New York Times.

Folks that lost it all in 2008, get a 2nd chance to get robbed again! You hear the advertising screaming on the radio at you. “NO CREDIT? BAD CREDIT? Come to me, because everybody gets a car!” Yes the BIG BANKS are involved in some new illegal, unethical, and fraudulent loans for cars. The USA has the majority of car loans for 4 years or longer!? A rat hole car lot pays commission money for sales people pushing the overpriced used cars with the promise of a “loan”! The loan is USURY at rates that used to be illegal. 25%? 30%? If you got a loan for over 2 years, then the interest is more than double your overpriced car! So you get a rat hole car that needs money to fix, with a loan that you can’t pay on a loan application filled out by the salesman with FALSE information on income to qualify!

So it is clear to me that the so called TOO BIG TO FAIL banks have criminals managing their operations. These car loan forms are accepted with lies from salesman on income. Salesman lies to sucker on size of payment due. Customer gets the car, and gets the payment statement from bank. Yes, you thought you were poor before this car. Now, you are destitute!

Our Attorney General will extort from TOO BIG TO FAIL banks “settlements” for billions. You name the crime, and Holder happy to stop prosecution for extortion of billions. So coming in next few years will be the Attorney General acting shocked on these car scam loans. I am in favor of forcing the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors to actually WORK on helping the people robbed by car scam. Of course the protestors were fake street people paid to act upset.

USED CARS made fun of car lots because we know we get taken!

USED CARS made fun of car lots because we know we get taken!

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