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Russia bear is being goaded by fearless leader

July 16, 2014

US imposes restrictions on Russia to ban them access to financial transactions. This is lighting a fuse. This means the aggression and retaliation by Russia can escalate quickly and without predictability. It appears that our president is prepared to face Russia alone in retaliations to his new restrictions. Our allies are watching but not participating in this latest retaliation against Russia.

The sanction escalation by USA can lead to armed conflict suddenly. So it seems a bad idea to be reducing our military strength in soldiers as well as armaments. But we know that our president has a plan to handle Russia. He has a pen and a phone! Obama seems on schedule to ignite a global war by his inept fumbling, delaying, and strange silence to countless acts of aggression against our allies.

This would be a good time to prepare your home for the inconvenience of a global war. We won’t get hit by nuclear rockets where I live. So we will need to stock up to survive a world war. I don’t expect to welcome the Russian and Chinese military when they storm onto our shores. This might be a more serious threat than “climate change”?

It might surprise Obama and Biden that Russia and China might not answer the phone when the war starts. We could not have a more weak ineffective secretary of defense than Hagel. This crew has ridiculed and beat down real military leaders to build up LGBT gay pride events and parades. We saw how brilliant Iraq exit worked out as well as Libya meddling. They don’t know how to handle success by winning. Military won battles and wars, and White House turned it into disaster and loss. President can have Bergdahl as recruiting poster for building patriotic morale?

Putin at military planning council in China.  They are planning a picnic for USA.

Putin at military planning council in China. They are planning a picnic for USA.

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