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Green Bay PACKERS camp starts 7/26/14

July 10, 2014

NFL players are en elite class of football professionals. I can say without any contradiction. that no team in the USA has a city like Green Bay Wisconsin! You cannot spend a lot of money in Green Bay no matter how hard you try! You cannot get in serious trouble here unless you import trouble makers from out of town!

I am a Chicago BEARS fan that retired to our vacation lakefront home in Wisconsin. I always respected the PACKERS from the historic rivalry of Poppa Bear Halas with Lombardi Packers. The sports news reports on PACKERS every week of the year in newspapers, radio, and television. Reporters in Chicago and sports analysts are brutal! Green Bay sports reports are gosh gee whiz how are you?

The fans and people of Green Bay are unique! They attend practices and the Packers publish the schedule on the team website. First Practice is Saturday 7/26/14 at 8:20 a.m. at Ray Nitschke Field. He was one of the most violent linebackers of his era. Camp tradition is kids show up on their bike and let a player peddle back to their locker room after practice! They have been doing this since Lombardi was coach.

So players will keep most of their money if living in area, and nobody will wind up in some club shooting nonsense like big cities. If you do like hunting, fishing, and living a outdoors life, then you can’t beat Green Bay. There is a beautiful waterway from the city into Lake Michigan. There are several yacht builders in area that ship around the world! So you could spend around a quarter million to a million dollars if you love power yachts.

If you want to enjoy seeing the most unique NFL city in the USA, then come to Green Bay for training camp. Go to Lambeau Field for a tour and visit pro shop. Curly’s Pub has greet local brewery beer and Green Bay food. They have a Bratwurst with Hamburger combo that needs a huge appetite. My wife and I fed our 2 sons with 2 buddies beers and meals for only $100 for 6 of us. Wisconsin folk do drink a LOT of beer! Most brandy in USA comes to Wisconsin too! We do enjoy a good drink as well as a smoke. Cigarettes & cigars are welcome in Native American Oneida casino.

Little wheels are fun tradition of camp.

Little wheels are fun tradition of camp.

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