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Click “I accept”

July 2, 2014

Do you add software updates? Do you remember the 15 pages of text you didn’t read on downloading? Of course nobody reads it. The lawyers at every company have you click I ACCEPT. Do we really need to surrender all legal rights to challenge or restrict conditions of usage?

Of course, companies can deflect lawsuits by their digital copy of “I ACCEPT” on file. I am weary of being lawyered up everywhere on everything we touch.

Now in the recent news, towns are refusing to become the holding pen for illegal alien kids. The federal government can pretend this is mandatory. Citizens are blocking roads and making it clear to keep these kids out of my town. Does this solve anything? Yes, it keeps kids we didn’t invite out of our towns that don’t want them! Our president can claim the law forces him to keep the kids. Really?! It seems he has no problem ignoring laws he don’t like. NOW HE HAS TO OBEY THE LAW ON ILLEGAL KID ALIENS?

We don’t accept! Is anybody listening?

Kids with disease, lice, and contagious swine flu are not our problem. You sitting next to one of these kids on your airplane, or sitting at your bus station should not be forced onto us citizens.
Citizens blocking roads, waving flags and banners are standing up for their town and their rights to have some say on their town. Our country is fed up with just rolling over with “I accept” whatever our president shoves into our towns.

We the people do not want illegal aliens!

We the people do not want illegal aliens!

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