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Remember 4th of July!

June 29, 2014

Our country started from very humble origins. The people here were outcasts for devout Christian beliefs that did not match the state religion in England. We had indentured servants under contract to property owners in England. The wealth of the colonies was created by the hard work and personal sacrifice of pilgrims. Soon the concept of freedom began to grow, because we were enduring the hardships and surviving on our own. All we got from England were taxes and more restrictions and regulations.

Just consider our country today. We the people have patriots who are very young in our military. Our Viet Nam veterans saw their sacrifice as meaningless after the country was lost. Our Iraq veterans are seeing their sacrifice as meaningless as that country slips into chaos. Our leadership in Washington D.C. is more interested in taxes, restrictions, and regulations to tie down our citizens.

Would we ever dare to declare our Independence today? We the people stand ready. Our White House likes to talk about freedom as defined by foreign governments through the United Nations. We did not sacrifice for our family and lose loved ones in battle to preserve the UN. We are the USA.

We all are heirs of the American Revolution. We are all protectors of our Constitution and we all are proud of our Declaration of Independence. We need to celebrate the 4th of July! We need to preserve our freedoms and challenge those who claim to do our thinking for us!

It is time to remember who we are! We are free. We can’t say we want to be free. We have to fight to remain free. Don’t do us any favors by tearing down the protections of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights! I don’t care to see my rights destroyed by using a pen and a phone.

Our country was founded by farmers, tradesmen, and Christians.  Minute Man is we the people!

Our country was founded by farmers, tradesmen, and Christians. Minute Man is we the people!

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