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Warning! USA weary of failure and scandals.

June 25, 2014

The Nixon Watergate days did not feel good. A lot of us endured a terrible economy with high unemployment and high inflation. We had low morale and not a lot of hope for a better tomorrow. The political storm of Watergate kept me busy at work at Time, Inc. as a production manager for the magazine in Chicago. I would get the phone call on many weekends to “stop the presses” and get a new story or a new magazine cover. I worked too many weekends around the clock to produce the magazine on the news stands Monday. However, it was a good job to have a unique view into how the USA works.

This president today is just starting to get the heat of public concern on the many failures that we have to endure in the USA. The water is just starting to get hot, but not boiling. This will get to the boiling point. Magazine sales and advertising sales were the money that fueled Time and their competitors to pursue Nixon. This will happen for our fearless leader. He will not be smiling and joking with reporters for long. If your paycheck is based on your publisher demanding another magazine cover story, then you have let loose a pack of attack dogs. Bonus money and pay raises for journalists will motivate some real digging to find the bones.

Our system is not perfect by any means for news coverage. However, capitalism works! Reporters want the fame and fortune of finding the big story like Bob Woodward has lived off for decades. Somebody will talk to a reporter soon. If you are the first one to talk, then you get the limelight of media. If you are the next one to talk, then you get nothing worth mentioning.

The millennial generation has never experienced this in their lives. This will be a lesson worth remembering. The coming troubles for the White House will create a lot of wealthy journalists. Nixon did not enjoy retirement from office and was an outcast exiled and shunned. With social media today, don’t expect to be shunned but expect to be perpetually harassed.

The economy shrank 2.9%! The VA bonus money was blood money by killing veterans while changing records. The IRS harassed citizens opposing the president and destroyed evidence of their management. Iraq exit failed. Russia stopped USA on Syria terrorism. Russia stopped USA on Iran sanctions. Russia invaded Ukraine and laughs at USA complaints. Unemployment is as bad as Nixon era. What can our president offer the USA as a reason to keep him in office? OBAMACARE?

Something needs to get resolved because the world is watching the USA crumble more every year.

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

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