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White House honors “Champions of Change”

June 23, 2014

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a creation of our fearless leader dreamed up in 2012. We have a president who has a dream. Any child anywhere can wind up in the USA! He encourages dumping children here from any country. The “Arrivals” is a nice way of saying children had smuggler criminals shoving them over our border into the USA.

Once a child is legally declared an “Arrival”, then a lawyer is assigned at the expense of the USA! Now the child is a minor. So how can a lawyer speak for the minor that is not of legal age? Don’t worry about legal technicalities! Each child gets a lawyer! Our president supports due process of law for illegal aliens. Our state governors, and our citizens get steam rolled over with no say on shoving these “Arrivals” into any state at a bus stop or air port.

It would be a great humanitarian gesture to have our first lady lecture the illegal aliens on nutrition in Texas. Also her girls can volunteer to help these children adjust to handouts in the USA at these indoctrination camps. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

To demonstrate the devotion of our first family to DACA Champions of Change is to have a children indoctrination camp set up in their neighborhood in Chicago. Or are these children somebody else’s problem? I love the humanitarian speeches in the abstract, but not real connection to a personal commitment. “We need to help these children!” This means YOU need to help these children while I make speeches, and then go to some billionaire fund raising party.

What the hell is a “champion of change”? Who made you champion? Our president gets to designate you a “champion of change”! Because, all of these illegal aliens got scholarships to ivy league colleges (so the college can have the approval of Obama) so these graduates can make a living telling us citizens on how to make the ideal society for them.

Hypocrisy is in full bloom as our president exudes compassion in speeches, but won’t lift a finger if it takes personal effort. How about a sleep over for 10,000 children at the White House from Texas indoctrination camp of our president? THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Switzerland festival honoring our royal family!

Switzerland festival honoring our royal family!

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